Years ago I was listening to a newscast and they interviewed these young fisherman.
They were struggling because another group of people were showing up and taking all of the fish, leaving them none.
Think of the fish like leads.

It was a very have versus have-not moment.

They then panned over to the CEO of a huge Japanese company who said, “we realized if we simply flew our 747 (planes) over the ocean and pinged down we could find exactly where the fish were faster. We then sent our entire fleet out.”
This allowed them to literally gobble up ALL of the fish, while everyone else continued to toss small lines and nets off of boats.

The metaphor is obvious—cast a larger net.

Anyone in the lead generation game, or the sales business, knows that the bigger your funnel the more opportunity comes to you to find the perfect clients you want to work with.
Looking at the list below ask yourself:

  • How many of these lead generation sources are you currently working?
  • How many are you working well and maximizing every opportunity?
Tom Ferry - OnDemand Summit 2021