The Case for Scripts, Reason 1: What You Say Matters

How many times have you hung up the phone or left an appointment and started thinking about all the things you should have said instead of what you actually said?
That feeling of regret really stings, especially when it costs you the listing.
Using a script allows you to avoid that mistake and never commit it again.
A good script is designed to lead the prospect to your desired outcome.
Scripts can also help you overcome common objections with ease.
Perhaps most importantly, having a script eliminates the excuse for not making your calls of “Well, I just don’t know what to say.”
When you have the right scripts in your business toolbox, you’re more likely to pick up the phone, you’re more likely to engage with people you meet,  you’re more likely to know what to say and actually say the right things…
And as a result, you’re highly likely to win more business.

The Case for Scripts, Reason 2: How You Say It Matters

The art of persuasion is a complicated dance, and the words you say are just one element of the big picture.
How you deliver your message also matters.
Think about it…
There’s no way a monotonous robot voice is as engaging or effective at communicating an idea as an energetic human being using the right tonality and body language.
At our Sales Edge events, master sales trainer Bill Pipes takes a deep dive into the importance of those factors. He even teaches attendees the crucial tonality and body language they should use at certain points throughout each script to achieve maximum persuasiveness.
So if you’re not using scripts and you’re just “winging it” every time you speak with a prospect, it’s highly unlikely you’re maximizing your persuasion techniques. (I’ll touch on this more later, but the great thing about a script is that it allows you to practice it repeatedly – and master it – before you put it into action.)