The Best CRM Ever! …and the Perfect Action Plan!

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Newly released is our Tom Ferry Contactually CRM, a revolutionary product for real estate agents looking to grow their business. One of the questions I get all the time is “what CRM do you recommend?” And you know what… That’s the wrong question! Every CRM is great but every one of them is missing something that you want that would suddenly cause you to have magical success inside your business. So this is what I tell people: Whichever one you have is AWESOME! If you don’t have a CRM, get one!

But that’s the wrong question. The right question is “Why CRM?” Because here’s what we know: The goal is to be the Hub–the center of everything happening in the real estate world globally and locally.

Think about this: The average consumer today is moving every ten years, which means if you’ve got a thousand people in your database, that is 100 transactions you should be doing a year! If you’re not the Hub, there’s no way you’re doing that level of success, because you’re still asking the question “What CRM?” The minimum goal is 10% conversion every year in your database. Also you should be getting 15% of your agent database sending you agent-to-agent referrals. You and I both know a referral fee is arguably the best check in real estate.

Being the Hub means if people are thinking about selling, they call you. If they’re thinking about buying or someone they know is thinking about buying, they call you. If they are looking to refinance their home, they are not calling their bank to sit on hold, they call you. Home values, a gardener, a handyman, something at home needs fixing and everything that’s real estate related: they call you.

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So now the question is how do you become the Hub? The plan is to connect with everyone in your database, every 90 days. You would want to take good notes in your CRM that are context specific, meaning things that are important to your customer. So when you’re reaching back out to them, whether it’s “Hey, how are your kids doing in the transition between middle school and high school?” you have meaningful conversations that make you the go-to source of everything real estate in your market. 


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