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Two weeks ago on the #TomFerryShow, I gave you four scripts to maximize your listing opportunities.

Today we’re continuing on that theme with one specific objective in mind: Overcoming THIS objection:

“If it’s such a seller’s market and there is no inventory, where would we go?”

You know that you can help people find the perfect home for them, but there are a lot of homeowners who fear that if they sell their home, they’ll have nowhere to turn to.

So let’s overcome their fears and get them “un-frozen” to generate more listings!

For me, I can’t think of two people better equipped to solve this dilemma than two of our national speakers, Bill Pipes and Jeff Mays. So I asked them to guest host this week’s #TomFerryShow, and they delivered lots of powerful ideas.


Four Ways to Overcome the No. 1 Listing Objection

The biggest idea you want to convey to a homeowner is that ultimately, they are in control.

Here are four ways to achieve that objective:

No. 1: Tell them they can extend the closing to meet their needs

Lots of people don’t realize they don’t have to stick to a “one size fits all” contract. They can put whatever terms in it they choose.

So make sure homeowners are aware that they can stipulate that the closing doesn’t happen until a date that’s suitable for them.

No. 2: Sell now, rent back

Many buyers are happy to get any offer accepted right now, so they’re making concessions on their move-in date. We’ve talked to lots of agents who say it’s not uncommon to include a 45-day “rent back” clause into a sales contract to ensure the homeowner has plenty of time to find and close on their new property.

No. 3: Make the sale contingent on finding a new home

If homeowners are still uneasy, take it a step further and make the sale contingent upon them finding their new home. Keep reiterating that they are in charge here!

No. 4: The ultimate control: Saying ‘no’ is always an option

Remind the homeowner that if things don’t work out to their satisfaction, they can always turn down any offers they get. Meanwhile, you’ll be doing your work to find them the perfect new home to ensure they won’t need to take that step.


Scripts from Two of the Best in the Biz

Bill reached out to a few Rockstar agents and got them to reveal the scripts they’re using currently when faced with the “Where will we move to?” question.

First up, Tom Toole III from Philadelphia shared this gem:

“It’s a valid concern. A lot of past clients have felt the same way. This question demonstrates the importance of us getting together, so I can show you how our team wins bidding wars, identifies off-market properties and make sure we look at options for you. That’s what you want, right?”

When you get together, be sure to show them what you do to help them find the perfect next home while working on the sale.

San Diego’s Greg Cummings weighed in with a similar response you can R&D:

“That’s exactly why buyers hire me to find them a home. You see, our team doesn’t just wait for a home to show up on the MLS. We proactively call. We mail letters and we make targeted social media posts to homeowners letting them know that we have a buyer that might be interested in their home. And if we were to find you the perfect home, instead of waiting for the perfect home, would that work for you?”

Bottom line: Let these homeowners know they have options, make them feel comfortable, and get them off the fence!


That’s it! I told you this was a quick, highly strategic show today. What’s your next move? Let me know how you plan to implement these approaches in the comments below!


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