As you probably know, there is a big shift in video across social media.
Agents typically fall into 3 categories when it comes to video…
They either avoid it completely, they do it but not very well, or they are crushing it!
On this episode of REal Success Coach Bill Pipes talks to rockstar agent and real estate video expert Amber Anderson.
Amber has been in real estate since 2009 and came from a background in the banking industry.
Amber and her small team are based out of La Jolla and they did about $40,000,000 in business last year!
That consisted of 37 transactions, 9 leases, and her and the team have a goal of $50,000,000 this year.


Video has become the normal way in which many people consume information online.
Most agents are missing a big opportunity by not using video.
Even from a listing point of view, Amber says listings with videos get 400x more inquiries!
But videos are more than just a way to showcase a listing…
They can also show the community, lifestyle, and even the agents selling the property!

Amber’s First Professional Video

Amber got her first multi-million dollar listing when she was about 2 years into being a real estate agent.
The property took about 3 years to sell but she learned something valuable in the process.
Even though she took some great pictures of the property, it wasn’t enough…
Amber had done some basic video before, but nothing at a professional level.
With this listing, she hired professionals, and the video is what sold the listing!
She had some potential buyers she was talking with, and this video is what got them to commit!

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