David has grit and has absolute certainty that things WILL get done.
He defines grit as perseverance and the willingness to go forward and not move back…
The difference between those people who change the world, and those whom the world changes is that they have figured out a way to do the things they don’t want to do on the days they don’t want to do it.
Grit outweighs talent and it means that you’ve a got a way to figure things and create a plan when there isn’t one.

Keys to Grit


You have to know that FAILURE is part of the process to success.
In fact, awareness that failure will happen helps remove the fear.
You set the expectation up front so that you can reset and have a major breakthrough.
Breakdown leads to breakthrough.

Building a Team With Grit

It starts with hiring the right people who are focused on mindset.
You can’t force people to have grit, but it is something that can be developed in everyone.

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