Online Leads

Becky has over a dozen lead sources, but she has 4 major lead pillars…
The majority of her leads come through Zillow, Trulia, PPC (pay per click), and past clients.
What is truly amazing though, is that they have a 10.9% conversion rate for all online leads.


Becky has been using Zillow for 5 or 6 years.
Even though many agents have differing opinions on Zillow for leads, the important part is going where the consumers are.
A lot of people use Zillow and there is an ample opportunity to generate and convert leads here.
Becky’s team has 170 reviews, and her closest competitor has 144.
She knows this information, and you should know that information about your competition too.
Becky has spent $42k on Zillow and it has generated over $420k!

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