Humble Beginnings to Big Numbers

James was inspired to get into real estate while he was working as a busboy at a local Islands Restaurant.
While cleaning tables, he would notice the nice suits and cars that agents owned. One day, he worked up the courage to approach one and ask about entering the business.
The rest … as they say … is history.
Last year, James and his team sold $60 million in volume and are on track this year to reach upwards of $100 million.

The “Appointment a Day” Bet

After attending Summit, James made an aggressive bet with Tom.
James bet that he could set an appointment every working day out of the year…
Tom shook on it, and said that if he didn’t achieve it, he’d have to leave coaching (talk about accountability!).
It was at that moment that James made a COMMITMENT to achieving this goal.

There’s a big difference between being interested, and being committed.

A year later … James had exceeded his goal.
What did he do on a daily basis to mentally prepare for this goal?

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