Jeff’s Steps For Top Performing Agents

1. Create a goal to set one appointment every day

The mindset is: “What am I going to do today to set an appointment?

That being said, what is the highest and best use of your time?

Think of your time like a doctor or lawyer does.

While the goal is for one appointment, it doesn’t mean you should stop there.

When you’re on a roll, keep going!

2. Have a plan to get more business

What types of real estate are you going after?

E.g. FSBO’s, expireds, past customers, etc.

What is your approach to get that business?

E.g. find buyers at open houses on the weekend, show them properties the following week.

3. Learn your scripts and presentations

In Jeff’s office they would role play and practice scripts every day.

When you have your scripts and presentations down, you separate yourself from the average agent.

4. Take action

Agents can “ready aim” all day long, but those agents that succeed take action.

Don’t be afraid to fail; get out there and set appointments.

When you focus on appointments with action behind them you’ll get the win.

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