Some facts about Carin:

  • She started out in real estate 2006 in Phoenix.
  • Last year she closed 213 units, she is trending for 400 this year, and has a goal of 500 homes sold.
  • She has 15 agents on her team with a goal of 20 by the end of the month

It is easy to think that all successful people became that way overnight, but that is almost never the case.
Carin had a tough childhood, but her incredible grandmother taught her some very valuable life lessons.
One of these lessons was the “5-second funeral.
This means that when something bad happens you can take five seconds and be upset.
After that you move on and be grateful.

5- Second Funeral Example

It gets really hot in Phoenix, and Carin has a black truck with black leather seats.
Sure it was hot when she got inside, and she gave it that “5-second funeral.”
After that she focused on the gratitude of owning a nice truck and the fact that it had cooled seats!

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