If you want to learn more about building teams you should check out #TomFerryShow Episode 61

Eric Crumbaker is a Tom Ferry – Your Coach coaching client from Claremont, CA.
He has been in the real estate business for 6 years with a family team that has been in the industry for 30 years!
In 2015 he sold 93 homes.
In 2016 he is concentrating on growing the company and the culture to outperform him and close 215 transactions!
At all of Erich past jobs he always found that there was a glass ceiling placed above him on his potential and his earnings.
That’s why culture is a mission critical project for Eric.
Now that he’s building his own team he never wants his employees to feel that way.

Eric is focused on supporting and empowering his employees – because where there is no fear there is no ceiling. 

The process of team building hasn’t always been easy and he’s made plenty of mistakes.

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