A Successful Time Management Routine 

Like any new habit, time management is often easier said than done. But when you take the time to write out a schedule it will give you the road map to your work-life balance success.
Coaching member Bree Phillips is one of the top brokers in Clatsop County with 115 homes sold in 2015 out of 790 homes sold in her area. That’s 14.5% of home sold by her in her farm!

Here’s what’s worked for Bree and many other coaching members.
Schedule Musts

– Vacations for the year are planned out ahead of time.

– Saturday’s are set for meal planning and shopping for the upcoming week.

– Has a to do list for every day.

– Listens to the Tom Ferry Podcast every morning.

– Prospect 4-5 hours a week, calling past clients, sphere of influence and expireds.

– Reads and participate in a month book club.

* Favorite personal development books are The Power of Habit and Life by Design

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