Picking the Right Property is Everything

Location:  It should not too be too far off the main road, the more turns someone has to make the more likely you will lose them.
Unique: The most traffic to an open house is when the house has a unique aspect to it. (ie: infinitely pool or not the typical style for the neighborhood)
Neighborhood: You will want to have an open house that brings the community together.

Planning Out the Right Party is Key

Now that you have the perfect property and know all about the community it’s time to plan and market your open house.
Don’t do a traditional open house. Turn your open house in to a PARTY!
The open house party should math the vibe of the community. For example wine and cheese might do well in one neighborhood, while beer and wings would do better in another.
You do not want people coming to your event in the dark, plan your event to end at sunset.
During daylight savings have a wine and cheese open house 5pm-7pm on a Friday night. This is for neighbors only. Then have the public open house on Saturday from 1pm-4pm.

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