Bill Pipes: Welcome Jeff Thibodeau! And let’s do a quick little introduction. Tell them who you are, where you sell homes, and how long you been in the business.
Jeff Thibodeau: Thank you, so I’m a team leader of a small to medium-sized team. We’re in a suburb, a separate city outside of a metropolitan area. About 100,000 people, average sale price about $250,000, and it’s just outside of Toronto, Canada, and I’ve been doing this since I got my license in 2008.
BP: 2008, so you’ve been in the business for 7 years. All full-time, or was it like part-time, then full-time? How did you transition in, and what were you doing before? What was it like before you got into real estates?
JT: Yeah, so way, way back in like 2000, I guess. I was in college for computer programming, systems analysis, and I never really used that skill. I never became a programmer. I went right into the market research industry as just IT kind of help desk, and then got promoted and moved through that company into project management, so I spent 10 years working with business clients, a lot of people in the agriculture sector and banking, and insurance trying to understand their consumer’s needs, and designed surveys, and then analyzed statistic results and delivered those presentations back to them. Then I hit the glass ceiling in that kind of line of work with my education.
So I decided for a change, and my first 3 years, I actually did real estate like a lot of people do when they get in this business, on the side kind of as a part-time, evening, and weekend thing without a whole lot of planning. Just extra money, you know, well, it was extra money, but you had all of your evenings and weekends tied up too with running around because you didn’t have a plan or a system, but it was nice. Then it was really last kind of 3 years where we decided to commit to this fully, and from that point forward, you know, growing a team, doubling our transactions every year, and now, being so closely affiliated with the Tom Ferry company. It’s been very fast and exciting.

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