Bill Pipes: So, it’s with great pleasure that I get to introduce a good friend of mine, great coaching client, and just a general kick-ass gal, Mrs. Wendy Walker. Hello, Wendy.
Wendy Walker: Hello, Bill, thank you. My gosh, that was quite an introduction.
BP: Well, you deserve it. So, tell ’em a little bit about who you are, about your background, your history. Um, you know, I mean, how many homes did you sell last year? Let’s just start there.
WW: Last year I sold almost 40. It was an up-year for me. My average sales price was around $1.7 million.
BP: Awesome. Great. And how many homes did you sell the previous year?
WW: 26. Thanks to your coaching.
BP: Thanks to all the great coaches at Tom Ferry that are around. Um, you work primarily in the luxury market, right? Tell us a little bit about the area that you sell in. Where do you sell and what is the average sales price inside that area?
WW: So, my primary focus is a town called Paradise Valley, and also in a city called Scottsdale. So, I have recently moved primarily into Scottsdale, but my primary focus for the last 15 years has been Paradise Valley. So, I’m actually starting to move a little bit with my inventory and my focus as well, so hopefully I’ll be able to share some good tips for everyone.
BP: Excellent. Well, and you know what, what I want to do today, Wendy, is I want to debunk some myths, you know? Like, I think there are some myths out there about selling the high-end, selling luxury property. One of them being that it takes a certain type of person to be able to do it. And my belief is anyone that makes up their mind to be able to do this could do it. Tell us about your background and what was the critical part to your growth process?

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