This shift created 3 groups of agents in the industry. Group 1: those that start something and then stop when things get tough, Group 2: those that start then stop and start up again but stops again, then there are those that in are Group 3: these agents are consistent and persistent to doing what it takes no matter what obstacles are in front of them.
For this episode of REal Success, Bil interviews Eileen Rivera: a closer, the leader of a successful real estate team, a Tom Ferry coach, an active member of the Long Beach, CA community, a family woman, and a Group 3 rockstar! Eileen speaks on ways to grow a successful real estate team by having a powerful morning routine, weekly planning, and great customer service.
Bill Pipes: Welcome to REal Success Eileen! You’re both a Tom Ferry coach and client, so you have an interesting perspective of both sides. Let’s just get to it, in 2012 you closed 50 transactions and a year later, you closed 83–please share with us how you were able to grow your business in just one year.
Eileen Rivera: I was in a good place in 2012, but I remember that year Tom started talking to all his coaching clients about team building, creating a team that outperforms you. At the time I thought “I don’t know anybody that’s willing to do what I do.” But I trusted Tom’s direction and it’s been phenomenal with a huge jump in transactions from 2012 to 2013. The following year we did 90 transactions.
2013 was a quantum leap for us and 2014 was all about stabilization, having the right admin in place, putting the right systems in place, the checklist, the accountability and coaching component for the team.
Now in 2015, we will have 30-35% growth. It’s planned. It’s systematic. We know how we’re going to get there because we’ve taken the mystery out and it’s just about following the systems.

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