Bill Pipes: Tim, you have been through ups and downs, highs and lows, but in the end skyrocketed to the top! People look at you and they go, “Oh, he must have some kind of secret.” And they are right, it comes down to a few key things. So Tim, share with us your journey to this point in your career.
Tim Smith: I’ve always been an above average salesperson, but when I decided to really make a career of out my real estate business, I had some breakdown moments. This lead me to Tom in 2008 when I started coaching and this was when my career really took off. Ever since we started working together, we focused on how to get to a certain level of production by precise design, execution and a little bit of the enabling power of the universe. And that’s a big process, drawing a lot from the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill–highly recommend you read this book every year to pull inspiration and get back to the basics.
And over the last seven or eight years, as you start growing, adding team members, understanding where you’re trying to go and understanding your numbers–it’s just the fundamentals of appointments, contracts and getting back to the basics. For example: if I want to make $3 million this year, I need to know how much to produce in volume, listing appointments, buyer appointments, and what my team needs to look like to get me there. It’s really that simple. 
BP: Was it a natural move for you to build a team for the production you wanted to make? What is your structure like? What does it mean to be on The Smith Group? And what are some of those expectations and standards that you have for them?
TS: Yes, building a team was a natural step for me. At first, I took anybody that wanted to be a part of my team. But now, as we continue to grow, I’ve become more selective, hiring people right for the job and right for the company dynamic. I don’t expect my agents to do anything that I’m not doing. And it’s not just about the production, it’s also the daily routine–the building blocks that create results. I feel very lucky to have a team in which we have a culture, where people want to be together, mixed in with some healthy competitive tension.

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