If you’re not familiar with the report it’s a great time saver for all us busy professionals. It is essentially a research team that spends more than 400 hours analyzing over thousands of CEO’s and executives in the residential real estate brokerage industry. Their goal is to identify those thought leaders that influence, impact, and lead the residential real estate brokerage industry. It really does help agents and leaders better understand key trends in the market by providing thought provoking marketing intelligence all in one highly researched, easy to read format.
Some of the key takeaways for me in this year’s report are:

  • Digital Natives: how this generation is driving the next surge of innovations
  • CFPB launches new era of mortgage servicing enforcement. Are residential real estate brokerage companies next?
  • Will the new NAR core standards being enforced in 2015 be a catalyst for change and at last consolidation?
  • Three deals worth $5 Billion shake the real estate brokerage industry to its very core. What does the acquisition frenzy mean and who is next?

AND, because you’re a part of the Tom Ferry Community, you can get the report for $30 off the original price plus free shipping.
Have a powerful day! As always, your passion matters and your strategy rules!

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