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Now, I get asked this question all the time, “Okay, Tom. I wrote down my plan, but at times I still feel like I’m operating by default. How do I tighten things up? How do I ensure success? How do I make sure that following through and achieving the kind of success I want is a total no-brainer?”
It’s two things:

• Marketing plan
• Outsourcing … outsourcing a lot of your marketing

Now with your marketing plan you’re going to take the core of your business and you’re literally going to go through January, February, March, all the way through to the end of the year, and you’re going to decide the most important marketing pieces and activities that will be done month in and month out to cause you to achieve your goals.
What you don’t want to do, the cardinal sin, is to wake up in the morning and scratch your head and say “When was the last time I sent out a mailer? What should I send next time?” That’s rolling the dice, my friends. You want to take as many of your lead sources as you can and design the core of your marketing plan for the year. This is going to make your business a lot more bulletproof.
So, get your marketing plan completed and organized. Download a free copy off my website today if you haven’t already done so!
Now to outsourcing. The minutiae in real estate. The amount of things that you’re responsible for, that you have to remember to do and have a checklist for, is enormous.

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Why don’t you find somebody for three hours a week, and maybe even a full a day to get those things done for you. There are extremely bright people inside your marketplace that understand project management and have got an eye for marketing.
You’re essentially structuring your financial future because you’re now focusing on getting transactions closed or deal doctoring deals.
And when you do that, guess what happens?… your success goes through the roof because your busy doing what you do best. The other things aren’t always the highest and best use of your time. So, short message today: get your marketing plan done. It’s early November, you got plenty of time. And start looking around for an outsource solution.