Revi shares her story and experience working with Tom Ferry – Your Coach:
“After my first son was born in 2004, I was on maternity leave from my internet advertising sales job. I had always been in sales but never in a commission only position. I love helping people, so my husband suggested I become a Realtor.
I decided to start out as an assistant.
I never imagined that being a Realtor would end up being my dream job and my true calling.
In June 2014, after about 10 years in the business, my brokerage held our annual meeting, with three coaches speaking.
None of what was said by those coaches made any sense to me until Tom Ferry walked on that stage.
Tom’s energy and message resonated with me.
He understood me and I understood him. He offered us a great opportunity to attend his Summit event that coming August. I decided to go for it.
At Tom Ferry’s Summit in August 2014, I felt very small.
I felt like I was not worthy of being there.
I spoke to no one and sat at the back of the room.
I had made about $200K that year with about 18 transactions and the people on the stage were talking about HUNDREDS of transactions.
I needed time to process it all.
A month later, I signed up for Tom Ferry Coaching.
Best. Decision. Ever.
I had always had successes in my business before joining, but I could never get over 18 transactions/year.
2015 was my first full year of coaching.
In 2015 I closed 25 transactions, with over $19 million in sales volume and $465,000 in GCI.