Rada shares her story and experience working with Tom Ferry – Your Coach:
“I’ve been selling real estate for over 30 years now. A dear and trusted friend suggested it to me and mentioned I’d be good at it.
I started in the San Francisco Bay Area. I had a very successful and thriving business and did very well, but then moved and eventually ended up in sunny San Diego for my retirement (so to speak).
In San Diego, I knew almost no one.
I thought it would be easy to build a successful business again.
Little did I know that everyone I would meet has a best friend who was a realtor.
I needed help.
In 2014 I did ONE sale at $350,000 and felt like I was working constantly.
I truly needed some new input and methods.
That’s when I decided to attend a Tom Ferry event. I had attended a few other speakers in the past but really clicked with what Tom had to say.
Tom Ferry was current, and he spoke to me. I jumped at the opportunity and signed up for coaching.
Sometimes you know in your heart what opportunities you need to follow.
After I hired my coach and went to more of Tom’s seminars, and with some hard work I perfected my marketing materials, business plan, and verifiable process in dealing with clients.