Member Spotlight: Dean Linnell

Member Spotlight: Dean Linnell photo
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Dean Linnell, The Linnell Group, The Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd.

Dean is the Founder and Team Lead with The Linnell Group at The Whistler Real Estate Company. His clients benefit from expert market knowledge, dedicated service, and unparalleled results in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Over the past 18 years, Dean has helped over 700 families buy and sell properties in Whistler with sales totaling over $300 million.

Dean shares his story and experience working with Tom Ferry – Your Coach:

“Over 23 years ago I moved from Kenora, Ontario to Whistler and began ski coaching. I loved it, but real estate was always a passion of mine.

In 1998, after I finished my career in ski coaching at Whistler Mountain, I transitioned into ski resort real estate sales.

I’ve worked with several coaches over the years. In fact, my coaching with the Tom Ferry – Your Coach team was the FIFTH real estate coach that I’ve worked with.

After so many coaches, some may say that I’m “uncoachable”.

I’m proof that coaching with the Tom Ferry team works.

So why did I switch over from a different coaching company?

I’ve been on Tom’s email list for years and was ALWAYS watching the latest Tom Ferry Show.

After a while, something clicked…

Tom seemed to be speaking directly to ME.

Now, over 18 months after joining the Tom Ferry Coaching Program, my business looks dramatically different.

In the year prior to coaching, we closed 37 transactions and earned $275,000 GCI.

Last year, in our first full 12 months of coaching with TFYC, we closed 74 transactions and earned $540,000 GCI.

Essentially, we DOUBLED our business.

And this next year, we’re projecting triple digits in transactions!

It’s not magic…

Listen to your coach, create a plan, and work the plan. It’s all about hustle and hard work.

I always feel like I’m on the cutting edge working with Tom.

Hands down, the BEST coaching company in real estate.

If you’re thinking about Tom Ferry coaching … jump in with both feet!”

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