Introducing the Tom Ferry Ambassador Members

Introducing the Tom Ferry Ambassador Members photo
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We recently announced the upcoming creation of the Tom Ferry Ambassador Program.

Today, we’re so excited to introduce the new members!

As we continue to work to provide the best coaching programs in the real estate industry, we will rely heavily on the feedback of our coaching members on the best ways to do this.

The role of Tom Ferry Ambassador Members will help share ideas, announcements, and the Tom Ferry brand.

Our new Ambassadors will also serve as our Summit Buzz Team during Success Summit, providing up-to-date pictures and posts live from the event.

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So without further ado, here’s our new members of the Tom Ferry Ambassador Program:

  • Ann Shumbo
  • Caroline Gosselin
  • Dawn Maloney
  • Diane Glander
  • DJ DellaSala
  • Emma Lefkowitz
  • Eric Bolen
  • Gary Massa
  • Geoffrey Tackney
  • Haneen Hayder
  • James Tiernan
  • Jason Farabee
  • Jason Farris
  • Jay Marks
  • Jennifer Tackney
  • Jill Biggs
  • Jon-David Lenard
  • Karen Peters
  • Kevin McGinnis
  • Kirk R Simmon
  • Kyle Whissel
  • Laurie Eastman
  • Leslie DeLuca
  • Leslie Sherma -Aoun
  • Lynn Garafola
  • Mandy McGuire
  • Marcus Koss
  • Mary Aguilar
  • Merrill and Kristi Jencks
  • Paige Fingerhut Charnick
  • Rebecca White
  • Robyn Burdett
  • Ron Davis
  • Ryan Argue
  • Sandra Pike
  • Scott Kompa
  • Steven Amaya
  • Tomas Baranyai
  • Venus Howard
  • Vikram Deol

Welcome and Congratulations!

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