5 Steps To Increase Your Influence

1. Give up your need to be right.

The greatest desire of all human being is acceptance and approval.  

These two things represent safety and security for us on an unconscious level.

That means if you make a prospect wrong, disagree, or disapprove with them, you have just become a threat on a base level.

2. Recognize that people are doing the best in the moment with the skills that they have.

Influence should be based on compassion and the desire to assist.

When you activate empathy for a prospect you are able to maintain a solution based mindset versus being positional.  

“The For Sale By Owner yelled at me for calling them”… Doing the best that they can.

“A client was upset because of the offer that was presented to them”… Doing the best that they can.

The minute that you accept that everyone is doing the best that they can with their current skills then you can keep your focus on being of service and keep from becoming defensive and resistant.

3. It’s not about selling; it’s about making a contribution.

If the focus is on you and what you are going to get (like your commission or your goals) it will be clearly felt and noticed by the client.

When selling is about “you” your physiology, breathing, tonality, and even the words you use change.

On the contrary, when you make it all about the customer, the pressure of making the sale disappears both for you and them.  

Tom Ferry - OnDemand Summit 2021