Tweet it out: “A goal is a dream with a deadline” @TomFerry
Ready to make 2015 your best year ever! Of course you are! So let’s do a little exercise I like to call the Wheel of Life by Design! You can download and print out our graph here to follow along.
First, rate yourself on the following areas of your life:

• Health
• Family
• Career
• Travel
• Contribution
• Relationship
• Social/Fun
• Wealth

Second, assess your graph. 
Third, set some goals based off your assessment of your graph. For example, say you want to accomplish 2 or 3 things when it comes to your health and vitality. Do you want to run a marathon? Do you want to weigh a certain amount? Do you want a certain pant size? Is it just an overall feeling. What is it for you? Do the same thing with your family, career, wealth, relationships and all the way down the line.

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Fourth, set deadlines for your goals. Remember, it’s not a goal unless you can say how much, of what, by when. If there’s no by when, it is not a goal. It’s just a dream. 
Fifth, create a vision board. Take all the things you want to experience in your life – pull from magazines, cut out photos or download it from the internet. If you can see it and you can believe it, then you can achieve it!