HELP, I NEED SOME ASSISTANCE! If time is money and you’re spending too much time on things that don’t have a direct correlation to cold hard cash then it may be time to hire an assistant. But…how do you know if NOW is the right time? Here’s a trick I’ve used many times when making a hiring decision. Place a notepad on the side of your desk and write down everything you do over the course of a week. Then review the list and determine if there’s enough work to justify a new hire. Once you’ve decided that it’s time to hire an assistant there are a few important steps to take before saying, “You’re Hired!”
1. The Job Description: The first step is to determine the tasks your new assistant will be responsible for, the hours you want them to work (and how these hours will affect your daily business hours), if they will have paid holidays, sick days, vacation days, etc and if so, how many? If you are a Tom Ferry Coaching Client check out the Assistant Job Description in the Member Center.
2. The Money: If you are not quite ready to make the leap into paying someone on a regular basis here are some creative ways to get help.

  • Share an assistant with another agent
  • Hire someone part time
  • Hire an agent who is not especially busy right now who would be willing to help you with your files for free if you offer them some of your buyer leads
  • Start with a small base salary + a dollar amount per closing.
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