What customers are looking for on your Facebook page?

You want to show that you are an agent who cares more about the customer and their family than you care about bragging about yourself and your company.
Reviewing what you are posting on your Facebook page from the point of view of the reader is one way to assess if your top priority is the client.
At a recent real estate conference, Guy Kawasaki, renowned speaker, author, and evangelist, gave the following advice to the Realtors in attendance:

“Value comes in the form of information and assistance. You want to establish a position where people see – through your social media efforts – that you know what you’re doing and are helpful … The point is to make yourself useful and valuable. To build credibility; to build trust…”

You should position yourself as that type of agent!
But how do you do that?
First, there are a couple mistakes most agents make that you should avoid.

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