So I want to encourage you and ask you this question: “What new habits are you going to work on this year that would naturally and automatically cause you to achieve your goals?”
Now if you are drawing a blank on what to do, here are 3 recommendations for you:
1.) Do your daily 5-5-4’s. Reach out to 5 people in your database, have 5 new conversations, and have 4 lead follow up conversations.
2.) Do daily role playing. Practice what to say, how to handle objections, how to build rapport, how to qualify. The reason you want to do this is so that you’re comfortable and confident in every selling situation and ready to go out and serve more customers. Knowing what to say matters!

Tom Ferry - Summit 2022

3.) Use your CRM daily. If that’s not a discipline you currently have, it should be. It’s important to know the daily hot sheets so you know what’s going on in the market every single day. You need to know all the new listings, all the expireds, all the sales, all the pending transactions, so you are that knowledge broker.
So, whether you thought of a habit on your own or chose one of mine, I want you to let me know what one habit you’re committed to form in 2015. Post it to my Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channels. Excited to see what you are committed to!