Email, social media, and smart phones are a permanent part of life for any business person in the 21st century. They are amazing tools that connect us to our customers and create wonderful communities. In real estate, they are essential. However, used wrongly, these same tools can be the downfall of even great real estate agents. They can be huge time sucks!

Choosing Focus Remains The Answer to Managing Time and Tools

Rather than wasting the day away on unimportant tasks, make a plan. What are your goals over the next month, the next year, the next five years? What are concrete steps you can take to achieve those goals? Here’s a free business plan to help you with your planning.  Focus your energy on these things to really grow your business. Turn off your phone, log out of your email, do whatever you need to do to get a period to concentrate on what’s really important for the success of your business. Schedule a block of time to work on email, social media, or blogging. You’ll have a more effective web presence if you’re concentrating, rather than tossing off sloppy messages or updates.
To help organize your to-do list and keep track of your listings and closings, I suggest using a  Do-Doing-Done board.
Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, used a fascinating object lesson that shows the importance of focusing on what really matters to you. He brings a jar filled with sand and rocks ranging from small to big, then dumps it out. Students in his workshops have to figure out how to fit everything back in. If you start with the sand, there won’t be enough room for the rocks. If you start with the biggest rocks and fit in the smaller rocks and then the sand, everything fits. So, start with your “big rocks” – the most important aspects of growing your business and credibility. When those are your focus, the smaller matters will easily fit in, too.