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We all tell ourselves a story.

For some of us it might sound like:

I’m always broke … I’m bad at relationships … I can’t find success … I’m just not a morning person … I always get the difficult clients…

Sound familiar?

Our experiences, successes, and failures are determined by the stories that we tell ourselves and believe.

For example, when we tell ourselves that we are “broke” then we are directing our brain to show us all the ways that is true.

Say, “I always get difficult clients” and watch how they will be lining up at your office door!

This Isn’t a New Age Theory; It’s Scientific Fact

Our brains have a vast amount of data flowing through them at all times.

The conscious mind can only process a small portion of that data.

How does the brain filter out what it chooses to consciously focus on and what it ignores?

Simple, you have a portion of your brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS).

The only job of your RAS is to determine what your conscious mind utilizes or not.

The RAS does that with the stories that we tell about others and ourselves.

Where Do Those Stories Come From?

Like all great stories they are passed down from our parents, friends, church, business peers, and the things we see in the media.

Harvard Medical School established that 82% of our actions are a conditioned response.

Meaning that those stories were programmed by someone other than ourselves.

Then like Pavlov’s dogs we are simply executing on a pre-programmed response.

Ring the bell and the dog salivates; it’s the same for us.

So if all the stories that we live our lives by are made up by others, why have we have adopted them for ourselves?

Why not create a NEW MORE EMPOWERING STORY for yourself where you are the HERO?

Be the one that slays the dragon, rides of with the princess, and saves the kingdom, instead of the puny, pushed around victim.

Since we can’t control everything that is going to happen to us, the only way that we will ever change our outcomes in life is to create a new story.

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The Strategy is Simple

1.    Identify the stories in your life and where they came from.

2.    Ask yourself, if the story is helping you or holding you back.

3.    Make a commitment that will change the stories that are holding you back.

4.    Create a new story that will empower you.

5.    Then simply play your role as the hero in your story.

6.    When you find yourself in situations in life ask, “how would the hero think, act, or respond?”

Eventually the role you are pretending to be will ultimately become who you naturally are.

You deserve to have a new story, and to be the HERO in that story.

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