6 biggest mistakes managers make that can disempower agents 

1. They don’t encourage their agents to set personal and professional goals. OR WORSE, the managers don’t have a list of goals for themselves. Coaching starts with having a goal!
2. They act like a manager, not a coach. Management as we know it died 11 years ago. Today it’s all about coaching agents and employees. Think about the differences between a manager and a coach.
3. They become complacent and lack professional development. They are not leading, growing or changing anything about their business. What are you doing to grow professionally and eliminate complacency?
4. They lack great sales skills. Every manager must be 2 steps ahead of their #1 agent in terms of skills. The fastest way to increase an agents production is to improve their confidence through skills.
5. They have a selfish communication style. “The meaning of your communication is the response you get regardless of your intention.” Have your agents ever misinterpreted your message?
6. They have low or no standards for activities. Focus your agent’s activities through coaching rather than managing.