5 Steps to Stop Call Reluctance

5 Steps to Stop Call Reluctance photo
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Calling strangers is intimidating for most people. And there’s even some people that get nervous following up on internet leads – and those people asked to be called!

Call reluctance can be a real problem but it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you are clear on your WHY; your reason for picking up the phone and getting a deal done then the resistance melts away.

Does financial support for family, vacation, or something else inspire you?

The best inspiration is for something bigger than yourself, both short term and long term. Set some type of reminder / memory jogger that reminds you that making these calls WILL fund your WHY.

5 Steps to Stop Call Reluctance

Step 1

To be successful at prospecting over the phone, we have to have a clear sense of what we can provide to the prospect. Until we have a clear understanding of our value, we will never achieve comfort in prospecting over the phone.

Write this down and keep it by the phone:

* List all the wonderful and valuable things you do for clients

* List the qualities that make you the agent they should work with

Step 2

By setting a daily goal that is realistic, we can create momentum.  Start small and build.

Consider using my daily action plan, weekly action plan.

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Step 3

Control the negative self talk … meet the challenge of the negative self-talk head on. If you do, the voice will get quieter, and after a few dials, it will go away completely.

If you are really struggling, write down what the negative self-talk is saying. By having it down on paper, you can refute what is being said in your mind. The only way to repel the voice is to create the responses that defuse the arguments. It’s the difference between your thoughts controlling you, or you controlling your thoughts.

You are in charge here.

I am an unstoppable force for good

I am a valuable resource to prospects

I am a master of time management

I am resourceful

I am a master of 1 on 1 marketing

I am a master of influence and charisma

Anything else the drunk monkey tells me is a LIE!

Step 4

We can create the outcome before we ever pick up the phone… visualize a positive outcome

Visualize talking on the phone with confidence. Have a “bring it on” attitude. Visualize handling the objections efficiently and effectively, visualize ourselves setting an appointment.

Step 5

Resolve, before you give up for the day, to make at least 10 to 30 minutes worth of calls. The truth is any of us can make the calls for just 10 to 30 minutes. When you have completed 10 to 30 minutes or a certain number of contacts, like 5 or 6, you are free to quit guilt-free. You have “bought” your freedom for the day.


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