5 Steps Every Real Estate Pro Needs to Build a Social Media Community

5 Steps Every Real Estate Pro Needs to Build a Social Media Community photo
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Build a Social Media Community with Tom Ferry

Social media has revolutionized the way we socialize, shop, and do business. Authority and credibility in life and real estate are no longer built simply on sheer numbers – having the most clients, the highest sales, the biggest market share. The thought leaders of today build their credibility in a social media community, as well.

Older marketing strategies focused on getting a message out. Campaigns explained your product or service at length and why yours was better than the competition. Information moves too quickly for static content now. Content that talks at potential customers is irrelevant, unless it engages your client.

The way to make a social media community work is to share frequent, small bites of content. This invites conversation with your audience. You don’t push information on your community members. Instead, you invite comments, thoughts, and questions on new trends or ideas hitting your niche or community. Conversation builds your authority because it creates relationships.

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5 Quick Ways to Build Your Social Media Community

  1. 1. Engage! If someone likes or comments on a post, acknowledge their efforts.
  2. 2. Tagging Is Not Just For Photos – Direct comments to individuals by tagging them and begin to create direct, meaningful conversations.
  3. 3. Use Hashtags – When appropriate, broaden your sphere by adding relevant hashtags to your social posts – this is a great tool for expanding your influence.
  4. 4. Update Your Social Profiles – Review every one of your social media profiles, making sure they are accurate and current, especially your contact info!
  5. 5. Review Your Posting Frequency – Plan out how active you want to be and set social posting goals. Then, set aside time to make it happen or find a service or individual that can help you accomplish those goals.

Creating space to discuss, debate, and brainstorm positions you as a trustworthy resource.

When you’re known as the person not only on top of what’s new but with interesting commentary, people will naturally converge on your page to discuss the latest developments. Building a strong and active social media community is worth the effort, as it yields great returns as you strengthen your credibility as a knowledgeable source, in your industry and real estate market.

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