Re-Engage Your Audience

1. Move from product focused to engagement focused thinking. Traditional marketing hinges on promoting products and their value to our markets by sharing Me, Me, Me based information in a controlled fashion. That’s the kiss of death in today’s world.
Instead of creating product messages and then pushing them out to the world – empower yourself to apply expertise to the specific customer or prospect conversation that’s on the table, focus on solving a problem instead of selling a product. When you focus on sharing expertise and educating prospects you create credibility and influence.
2. Move from static content to interactive conversations. By shifting your content focus – from blobs of big content that are stale before you share it, move to smaller, interactive snippets of relevant, timely information – create impactful, relevant conversations with your audience. When you adapt this definition of “content” to better match the conversational real-time needs of today’s sellers and buyers, you begin to relevantly engage with and create relationships with your audience.

Tom Ferry - Summit 2022