I was furiously writing in my journal throughout the two days with random notes, lessons, and reflections. And today I thought I’d share some of these top reflections with you!
Here’s 23 things I learned at this awesome event…

23 Random Reflections from Elite+ Retreat

1. Know exactly what you want!
Are your goals crystal clear and up and visual in your home or office?
Be clear on what you want or else this might happen…
2. Stop knitting YAK hair sweaters
Check out the Facebook Live where I told this story.
3. Ask yourself: “What systemic changes are required to create the sustainable business I want?”
4. Use Calendly.com
This service allows clients to book appointments with you!
5. Run the plays that work & STOP running plays you know don’t know!
6. If Mariangel can do it, so can YOU!
Stay tuned for next week’s upcoming #TomFerryShow where I talk to her about the #100AppointmentChallenge
7. Do you have your wildly important goal TRACKER front and center for everyone to see?
Jason Farris put up a giant board in his office and set 205 appointments in 2016!
8. Transfer your skills!
Learn the scripts and attend Sales Edge with Bill Pipes
9. 50% of buyers are under age 36
Are you educating them or talking down to them?
10. 70% of buyers and 75% of sellers will select their agent online
This means you need to get more reviews and market your reviews.
11. What’s your asset allocation for your savings?
You can beat the market!
Check out this infographic.

Tom Ferry - OnDemand Summit 2021