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***Exclusively  for Tom Ferry Coaching Members***

To get the most out of the App please review this document in full and use the App daily.

It’s recommended that you use the App every day as an extension to your one-on-one coaching sessions to help you achieve your goals faster. 

If at any point you have questions, contact App Support at 888-866-3377, Option 4 or email

****Initial Setup***


***Log In Email***

To login, choose the social platform that shares the same email that you have on file with TFYC.

Login using your email and password.

The email associated with the social platform you choose for log in MUST match what is included in the Tom Ferry system.

To update your Email, Call Us at 888-866-3377, Option 4 or email

Profile: Complete your profile so agents can contact you with referrals.

  • Photo: A picture’s worth a thousand words.
  • Email: Make sure what you enter here matches your social login email. This is how agents will contact you regarding referrals and interest in your listing.
  • Phone: Include where you want agents to call you for referrals
  • Language: Include the languages you speak. This is a search option for referrals.
  • Gender: This is a search option for referrals.

Client %: This is where you enter your business breakdown. What you choose determines what activity choices show on your dashboard. These must add up to 100%.

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Lessors
  • Lessees

YTD Results: Enter results that you have achieved before using the App so that the App can aggregate accurate numbers for you.

Goals: Set up your annual goals

  • Your Income Goal
  • Your Market- Average sales price and average commission percentage
  • Your Work Habits

Service Areas: This is where you select the cities you sell in.

  • Include ALL the areas that you service so people can find you to assign referrals.
  • Enter by city name, one by one.
  • Also separately enter in all of our zip codes.
  • Search by entering the city name or Zip in the search bar.


Set Your Goals: By setting your goals the App can tell you how many activities you need to perform daily/weekly/monthly to achieve your goals.

Track Activities: Think conversations, appointments, listings, transactions and hour of power. The App even allows you to track activities by client type (seller, buyer, lessor, lessee)

Monitor Your Production: The top of the dashboard gives you an at-a-glance glimpse of your Annual Production - transactions, volume and GCI.

Promote Your Listings: The App allows you to promote your listings within the exclusive community. This functionality is sure to give you a leg up on your competition in your listing presentation!

Referrals: Receive and send referrals directly within the App. The App gives you the ability to search amongst coaching community members and send referral opportunities all from your phone.

Conference Calls: Register for upcoming conference calls and listen to past calls as well as the #TomFerryShow podcast.

***Dashboard and Tracking***

Your REsults Dashboard provides you with:
  • At-A-Glance view of your Annual Production (Transactions, Sales Volume, GCI)
  • Hour of Power tracking
  • Your Activities: open each category to enter an activity by client type.  Use the "+" to add and pencil to edit
    • Conversations
    • Appointments
    • Listings
    • Transactions


Sharing your listings inside of our exclusive community gives you another marketing advantage to share in your listing presentation.  Listings will be shown for 90-days.

How to Add a Listing:

  • Click on Listings
  • Choose "+" to enter:
  • With MLS, enter:
    • The MLS- (The address will populate)
    • Property Type
    • Source
    • List Price
    • Picture (optional)
    • Website (optional) link to your listing page
      • A link to the Zillow Page will also be provided
  • Without MLS, enter:
    • Address
    • Property Type
    • List Price
    • Picture (optional)
    • Website (optional) link to your listing page
    • Click ADD

How to View a Listing:

  • Search by:
    • City or Zip
    • Property Type
    • Low Price
    • High Price
  • Contact the listing agent by clicking the call or Email button


How to Create a Seller/Lessor Transaction

  • Create or convert a listing (see Listing video on how to create listing)
  • Add pending and include:
    • Sales price
    • Commission earned
    • Close date
  • Sold

How to Create a Buyer/Lessee Transaction

  • Add transaction
    • Type   
    • Source
    • Short description
    • Sales price
    • Commission earned
    • Close date
  • Add as either Pending or Sold
    • Pending transactions will show up under the pending tab in transactions
  • Convert pending
    • To sold
    • To fell out
    • Or you can update the transaction


How to Create a Referral

  • Enter:
    • City
    • Name: ex: Smith’s Beach House
    • Type: ex: Seller
    • Property Type
    • Agent Language Preference (optional)
    • Agent Gender (optional)
    • A short description that will be shared with the referred agent
  • Choose an agent from the list of available agents
    • The App will send a notification to the member
    • You can also email or call the member from the App to let them know of the referral opportunity (recommended)
  • You will receive a notification inside your App when the member accepts or denies the referral

How to Receive a Referral

  • A notification will appear on your Listing/Referral icon inside the App if someone sends you a referral

How to Complete a Referral

  • If you have accepted a referral and it closes, be sure to go back and complete it inside of your REsults app
  • Active referrals
    • In contract
    • Closed
      • Sale price
      • GCI
      • Referral fee
    • Close it

***Conference Calls***

How to Register for Upcoming Conference Calls

  • RSVP
    • An email will be sent to the email account on file with call in details
    • Reminder emails will be sent
      • 24 HRs prior to call
      • 1 HR prior to call
    • Any changes to the call such as time or date, there will be a notification as well

How to Listen to Past Calls

  • Make sure the phone is not on mute
  • Simply tap LISTEN to play the recording!


How to Create a Roleplay

  • Enter
    • Topic
    • Time and Date
    • A Short Description for Your Roleplay (optional)

How to Search for an Open Roleplay

  • Search by a specific topic or search all topics
    • Choose a start Date and Time
    • Choose an end Date and Time
  • Select the desired Roleplay
  • Select Participate

How to Complete/Retract a Roleplay

  • Complete a Roleplay
    • Navigate to the Activate Roleplay section
    • Find a pending completion Roleplay marked by a “!”
    • Select complete
  • Retract/Remove/Withdraw a Roleplay
    • Navigate to the Activate Roleplay section
    • Select the Roleplay you wish to remove
    • Select “Withdraw”, “Delete”, or “Retract”
    • *NOTE*- if you are withdrawing from a Roleplay that you are a participant in the other party will be notified

***Frequently Asked Questions***

Log In FAQs

What method of Log In should I be using?
You can choose between logging in via Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. The email address must match your Tom Ferry primary email address that we have on file here in our office. Once your preferred login method has been decided please remember that you will use your account password to log in, NOT the password you use for the Tom Ferry site.

Why is logging in via Social Media required?
The Tom Ferry REsults App is exclusive to active coaching members and the use of a social log in is required for authentication/verification purposes. The app will never post items to your social network or vice versa. Nor will the App gather or retain any personal information.

The App is asking me to log in every time, how can I stay logged in?
This can be done by logging into the App, tapping on the “Account” tab, tapping on “Log Out of App” located under your name, then logging in again.

Tracking FAQs

Why aren’t my numbers saving?
When tracking activities it is important that you wait till the App has finished loading the new numbers. Making sure you are connected to a strong WIFI or data network can ensure that this is a seamless process.

I’ve tracked my Hour of Power, do I need to track my activities as well?
It depends. The Hour of Power is for growing and building your business, this may come in the form of calls (which can be tracked under conversations) or preparing listing presentations (which isn’t tracked in the App). Rule of thumb if it’s an activity in the App then it should be tracked as well.

I’m trying to enter a transaction but I get an error message/nothing happens.
When entering a transaction makes sure that all fields are entered. When it comes to the dollar amount, enter whole numbers without punctuation. The app will add its own. (Ex. Enter 3576 for 3,576.00)

Why did the App tell me that I am a Rockstar?
Because you are! Keep up the good work!

Referral FAQs

Someone is trying to send me a referral, but they say that I don’t come up.
Make sure that ALL your service areas have been entered (including variations like the city, the zip, the county, etc). This can be done under the “Account” tab, under the “Service Areas” section.

I’m trying to send a referral, but no one is coming up.
Try searching either a larger nearby city or simply a nearby town. As stated above, it may be that an agent is in that area but hasn’t entered in the location as a service area. If you are still having difficulty finding an agent you can always reach out to your Success Rep and they can check on their end.

 I’m trying to find myself within the App referral tab, but I am not coming up?
You will not come up when searching for yourself.

The App is showing that I have a notification, what is it and how can I close it?
This notification is for referral pending action. Tapping on the “Listing and Referrals” tab will show you where the referral pending action will be.

Conference Call FAQs

A recorded call is playing properly, what does that mean?
We are currently enhancing this section of the App for a better client experience. During this time you may come across interruptions in “normal” functionality with in the conference calls. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work towards getting this fully optimized.

A recorded call is showing as pending, what does that mean?
When a recorded call is showing as pending that means that it is either in progress or waiting to be uploaded. While we make every effort to upload them as soon as possible some calls may take longer to be uploaded due to formatting.


How many Roleplays can I create at one time?
One Roleplay can be created at a time.  

Why can’t I see my own Roleplays?
You will not come up when searching for yourself. 

Misc. FAQs

I would like to adjust my Goals, where can this be done?
Adjusting your goals can be done under the Account tab located at the far top or bottom right. Simply select the category that you would like to adjust and make the appropriate changes there with in. NOTE: once a change has been made tap the UPDATE button located at the bottom right to save the changes.

I would like to make an adjustment to a Savings or Debt Reduction entry, how can this be done?
Adjustments can be made to an entry by tapping on the desired category, locate the entry in question and tap the pencil. Make the adjustment and UPATE.

I would like to remove a Savings or Debt Reduction entry, how can this be done?
To remove an entry start by tapping on the desired category, locate the entry in question and tap the pencil. Tap the Delete.

My App seems to be stuck loading, how can I fix this?
First we want to make sure you are connected to a strong WIFI or data network. Then perform a “soft close” of the App:

  • Apple: Double tap the home screen button and swipe up on the App
  • Android: Go to the phone settings, then to Applications. Locate the App and tap the “Clear Cache” button

You should now be able to go back into the App without further interruption.

I’ve downloaded the Thriving Daily App, is this the right one?
Thriving Daily is an older, outmoded, no longer supported App. You want to make sure that the Tom Ferry REsults App is the one that has been installed.

I’ve adjusted some numbers but I don’t see them being reflected, how can I get it to show properly?
Simply pull down on the App until you see the arrow point UP then release to refresh.

I have an idea to make the App better, who can I tell?
We’d love to hear it! You can send those ideas to

I have additional questions, how do I contact the App Support Team?
The team can be contacted by phone at 888-866-3377 Option 4 or via email at Because the majority of requests require research to resolve, it can sometimes take us up to 72 hours to respond, though we make every effort to get back to you as quickly as possible and most queries are answered within 24 hours (Monday through Friday PST, during business hours). Requests will be answered in the order they were received.

What are Badges, how do I get them?
Badges are earned when certain milestones are completed. They are tokens of a job well done!

How can I check the Leader Board?
The Leader Board can be accessed under the Account Tab. You can toggle through the categories to see where you stand.

***If you have any questions contact App Support by calling 888-866-3377 Option 4 or by Email at***

Remember Always ... Your Strategy Matters and Passion Rules!

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