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From $345K GCI to over a MILLION in one year!

G'day Tom,

I just want to let you know about our journey since AREC 2015 where you were a guest speaker. We signed up with your organization just after that, and we went from $345 GCI in 2014 to $1,010,000 (yes over 1 million GCI) in 2015.

Our coach Don Jacks has been invaluable to us ... I love this man! He has our best interest at heart and actually cares about our success. It a no BS cut to the chase, do this do that, report back on this, well done on that or pull finger sunshine approach that we love. Everything that we get from your organization is top rate.

When we looked at coaching the first thought I had was "I can't afford this- a little voice in my head said can you afford to NOT do the coaching."

When we were smashing it a colleague came up to me and said, "mate you flying- cant believe how well you doing, I heard that you have a business coach" .. I said yep, sure do! He then said, "you're doing so well what do you need a coach for?" HA! His GCI went backwards last year ... meanwhile, mine tripled. THAT is what I have a coach for!

Keep doing what you doing your team is changing peoples lives.

We just ended up 5th in the franchise for growth and number 18 in the country. This is only my 3rd year in real estate and we got #18 out of 1800 plus agents!

Pretty good result I'd say. Thanks Tom and Coach Don!

Donald Gibbs
Ray White Auckland City
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