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From personal issues (and ZERO listings) to rocking my business!

I came into 2016 with a bucket load of personal issues. I had to make money. Marriage over after 23 years. Lots of loss and have 2 kids. Emotionally drained.

I started this year with 0 listings, buyers and money. My coach Paul said what is your WHY? Easy enough to answer but get the drive to follow through.

I now have, after 5 calls with my coach, 5 listings, 2 pending, one in negotiations, 3 active buyers! Great follow up and REALLY ACTIVE with lead generation. On average I lead generate 3-5 hours daily. My negotiation skills are sharper. I use TFYC scripts. I do what my coach Paul tells me. It works!! He is the BEST!!! It works if you work it!

Thank you so much to the Tom Ferry Team!!

Pam Mallin-Marquette
Coldwell Banker
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