Why Top Producers Hire a Real Estate Coach


The reality is that people need coaches in all walks of life: sports, singers, dancers, soldiers, and any other form of professional. So why do people sometimes feel fearful at the idea of having a coach as a real estate agent? Maybe it’s a bad experience with a previous coach, or a story they heard from someone who had a bad experience. Or maybe you just find the idea of having a “boss”, when you’ve finally become a business owner appalling.

Because I love you, I want you to know two simple facts that are critical to coaching, real estate, and your future in sales. First, the #1 reason real estate agents use a coach is to grow their business. Second, 90% of real estate agents who use coaching see an increase in business of up to 200% or more!

Do you want to become an unstoppable agent?

Let me first ask you these broad, yet super important questions:

  1. What are your goals for this year? The next 5 years?
  2. Do your actions align with your goals?

I want you to be as successful as possible, and the path to solve these two questions is discipline and commitment. But are you able to stay disciplined or committed day in, day out, week in, week out? What about over 5 or more years? Unfortunately, 87% of all real estate agents fail within the first 5 years and the only reason agents fail is because they don’t earn enough business.

The NAR lists the median gross income for real estate agents at $47,700 while our client average is $372,578—8x the industry average! But, the astounding thing is the fact that our top producing clients average a $690,568 gross commission income!

Maybe you tried coaching before and stopped because of costs or promised results not being achieved? Or maybe your coach had a style that didn’t work for you. Maybe they were the browbeat style, dogging you constantly for your failures thinking it would motivate you to not want to disappoint them. I’m sorry if you had that experience but feel comfort in knowing that only 3% of real estate agent coaches take that approach.

My team and I act more like your personal trainer, your mentor, and your advisor. We like to inspire and encourage and share in the joy of watching you reach and crush your goals.

Now, let me ask you these more specific questions:

  1. Do you know how to position yourself on the Internet? In social media?
  2. Is making cold calls getting you enough leads?
  3. Is knocking on doors getting you the results you want?
  4. Do referrals get you enough work?

If you can’t answer these things immediately, I suggest you get a coach.
Not because you don’t know how to be a good agent, but because you just need that extra push, that guiding light, that partner to push you over the finish line.

I want you to absolutely dominate your market. Even if you go with someone else, make sure you find someone who can help keep your eye on the prize and reach your goals consistently.

Advice For Finding a Coach

      • They have a proven background in helping agents achieve goals
      • They understand the marketing needs of a modern real estate agent
      • They identify strengths and weaknesses in agents and help both

And be sure to know that I have over 80 real estate agent and management coaches across the United States and Canada ready to help get you back on the right path. Sign up for a free coaching consultation today.

A Proven Background in Helping Agents Achieve Goals


Understanding The Market Needs of a Modern Agent


Identifying Strengths And Weaknesses in Agents

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Your Strategy Matters & Passion Rules,

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