Take a Sneak Peek at our WIRE Venue: Paséa Hotel & Spa

Take a Sneak Peek at our WIRE Venue: Paséa Hotel & Spa photo

It’s pretty exciting to plan a new event.

Developing the content, designing the presentations, architecting the schedule … it’s a journey that is thrilling to create from a simple idea to actual reality.

Right now, we’re in the midst of planning our inaugural Women in Real Estate: 3-Day Retreat & Empowerment Event.

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Do you want to know what’s EXTRA exciting about planning THIS event?

The fact that it’s hosted at a BRAND NEW luxury beachfront hotel.

Recently, we conducted a site visit to the Paséa Hotel & Spa (it’s a tough job … but someone’s gotta do it!)

Dawn_Exterior_2 (1)


Steps from the Huntington Beach Pier, Paséa is a modern oasis with an unrivaled sense of clean, coastal style and a comfort that guests can experience with sand between their toes.



Paséa is a place where brilliant sunrises give way to the promise of a new day, and golden coastlines with their impending swells beckon surfers, visitors and locals alike.

Our Marketing Communications Specialist Jessica shares her personal video, shot on location at Paséa:

The Paséa Hotel & Spa is the perfect location for our first ever WIRE: 3-Day Retreat & Empowerment Event.

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