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Member Spotlight: Oriana Shea

Member Spotlight: Oriana Shea photo

Oriana Shea, Keller Williams Realty

Oriana is the Founder and Team Lead of Oriana Shea and Company, one of Southern California’s top producing and award winning teams with over $100,000,000 in sales in just the last few years. Oriana has been consistently ranked in the Top Five Producing Agents for Keller Williams Realty and awarded the Quadruple Gold Award. Oriana and her team pride themselves on their unwavering belief that the client always comes first.

Oriana shares her story and experience working with Tom Ferry – Your Coach:

“In 1997, I was looking for a change from the garment industry and happened to answer an ad in the newspaper about real estate sales.

I knew absolutely nothing about real estate and (naively!) thought I could set my own schedule and work as much or as little as I wanted. So I got licensed.

But then … I got a dose of how hard the real estate industry actually was.

I went back to clothing design until 2004. That year, I made the decision to start my real estate career once and for all.

I haven’t looked back since.

I found Tom Ferry through my close friend Eileen who is now a Tom Ferry Coach. She was in coaching at the time (way before she became a coach) and she invited me to a Summit Event back in 2009 or 2010.

I went to Summit and was BLOWN AWAY. 

Being in a room with agents that were producing above and beyond anything I could ever imagine made me realize the opportunity that was right in front of me. Seeing how coaching and Tom Ferry were pivotal in their successes and hearing from so many others tell me that having a coach significantly grew their businesses made me realize that I simply couldn’t afford NOT to if I wanted to have a business worth having.

Tom is not only an inspiration, but I love his kick ass approach at times when it’s needed.

Let’s face it, we all need it at some point…

I had signed up for coaching in May that year with 4 closed sales, about $1,600,000 in volume and roughly $40,000 in GCI.

I closed out that same year with 15 transactions, $7,500,000 in volume and about $188,000 in GCI.

I used to think that earning $200k a year meant that you were a success. Now, I’m striving to earn over $1,000,000 this year and then it’s just up from there!

Coaching helped me to eliminate the mental barriers that were getting in my way.

This past year my team and I closed 55 transactions with about $33,000,000 in volume.

I never used to have the mindset to believe that this kind of success was possible for me.

I cannot thank Tom and my coaches enough for giving me the tools to help me change my way of thinking! I now run a business that I’m extremely proud of. If it wasn’t for coaching I would not be achieving the level of success that I am today.

There are so many achievements I’ve reached since joining coaching…

I’m now in the top 3 out of 256 agents in our office for production. I have a team that I’m incredibly proud of and I love mentoring and coaching them. The fact that we had our best year yet in 2015 and that I no longer have mental barriers about what is possible or not possible is probably the biggest achievement, because I know that my success starts with my belief in myself and in my team.

Most recently, I was able to write a check for $3000 to a client who recently and tragically lost her husband, was behind in her property taxes and didn’t know how she was going to get by. She called me after she received my card with the check and didn’t want to take it because she didn’t know how she would ever pay me back. I told her it wasn’t a loan and that all that I asked is that she pay it forward someday … to be able to do that for someone in need without it impacting me financially is quite a big achievement.

Being able to give back is the greatest accomplishment.

Through coaching I’ve also had the opportunity to meet some really extraordinary people that I would never have met otherwise.

My professional network has grown a hundred times over.

My business has reached a level that I never EVER thought was possible.

That desire to strive and DREAM BIG has been ignited because of coaching and for that I’m truly grateful to my coach and to Tom Ferry.

To Tom, more specifically, I say thank you for keeping it real and knowing exactly what to say to reach even the most stubborn of us (yes, me included!).”

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