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Member Spotlight: Jason Valentine

Member Spotlight: Jason Valentine photo

Jason Valentine, Coldwell Banker

Jason Valentine is a rockstar real estate agent and team lead in Gallup, New Mexico. Jason joined coaching after realizing that he was overworking himself and spending 60-70 hours in his business, with little time leftover for anything else. Since joining coaching, he’s not only been able to double his GCI, but work less hours. Win-win!

Jason shares his experience with the Tom Ferry Coaching Program:

“I got my start in real estate back in 2010. I had things in my life that required a flexible schedule and real estate seemed like a good fit.

I first heard about Tom through his YouTube Channel, and I watched a TON of his videos. I had a really good month that allowed me to pay for Tom’s coaching program.

The funny thing is that the cost of coaching was easily paid for by the additional income I was making.

I even hired an assistant to help!

It wasn’t always this way though…

Before coaching I was spending a LOT of time working.

From January 2016 to June 2016 I had 15.5 transactions with a volume of $2.2 million and a GCI of $68,000.

On average, before coaching, I was working 60-70 hours per week.

Coaching changed EVERYTHING for me!

From June 2016 to December 2016 I had 31.5 transactions with a volume of $4.9 million and a GCI of $106,000.

This was all achieved working about 45 hours per week.

Not only was I earning MORE, I was working LESS.

I have finally found that work-life balance!

Although coaching has helped me transform my business the biggest shift has been in my MINDSET.

While I have always been committed to hitting my goals, I have not always been pleasant to be around while working towards them. Between my affirmations and the ecosystem, my outlook has gone from thinking I can do it to knowing I can do it.

Furthermore, I am waking up early in the morning, exercising 4-5 times a week, working my routine and really enjoying what I am doing.

I get to see my wife and kids more often and am more pleasant to be around when I do.

The benefit of more money and less time at work is causing quite the dilemma however. I now have time for hobbies and am rediscovering interests outside of the office! This week as a matter of fact I am taking a vacation that will be for 9 days. Last time I was out of the office for 9 days, was like 3 years ago!

Here’s the thing … I wish I could tell you that coaching was always easy.

The reality is, sometimes it hurts to talk to my coach. My pride occasionally takes a beating, but my coach keeps me focused on what is important. My coach offers a different perspective, puts me on the right path, and provides a great role model for me to follow.

Every week when I get ready to talk with my coach I am forced to hold myself accountable.

His guidance is instrumental in the success I have had over the last 6 months.

While I enjoy talking to him I am also keenly aware that he will not hesitate to hold me accountable to my commitments. He keeps me moving forward!

Coaching has made all the difference in my success.

Before coaching it was a struggle to get to work. I literally felt like I had to drag myself there and it was a total grind.

Now that I’m in coaching I wake up excited to take on the day. My life and business are so much better because of coaching! If you really want to work less, earn more, and get to the next level you should definitely check out the Tom Ferry Coaching Program.”

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